This years Eurotoque Young Chef of The Year competition is now open for young chefs

This is the first morning, that I really feel Christmas and New Year are behind us. The Christmas tree came down over the weekend, two of the junior shepherds went back to school last week, and we waved goodbye to the older two heading to Dublin yesterday. One of them is starting work placement today for a few months as part of her degree, and the other is heading into the last term of his finals. It seems like only yesterday they were trying to work out the number of sleeps until Santa came next Christmas!

This years Eurotoque Young Chef of The Year competition is now open for young chefs (born after 01/01/94)

Chef Peadar Lewis at The Morrison Room Carton House in Kildare posted these beautiful photos of his entry, on social media during the week.  His dish is : Charred orange gravlax salmon, pickled carrots, samphire mayo, pickled citrus gel and a wasabi and sheep’s yogurt sorbet. It might inspire those of you advanced chefs, to recreate it. For the rest of us, it reminded me to remind you how well Velvet Cloud yogurt goes with fish. We just put big blobs of it on the side of our fish dishes, its like a non-processed healthy mayonnaise. Having seen this I like the idea of adding wasabi but need to work out how much is just enough!

Salmon Velvet Cloud Yogurt Wasabi Sorbet  Young Chef of the year Salmon with Velvet cloud sheep's yogurt


Thank you to one of our lovely customers Frederique for these photos below that show how easy it is to make cream cheese or labneh, all you need is Velvet Cloud yogurt salt, and patience, as the consensus seems to be its best draining for about two days. It’s a really lovely creamy type cream cheese, still contains the live cultures and doesn’t split when heated, so great in cooking. We also have a recipie here sheep's milk cream cheese


Sheeps milk cream cheese 1  Sheeps milk yogurt labneh hanging


Sheep's milk cream cheese result  Sheeps milk cream cheese on wooden cheese board

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