Update From The Farm - With Three Weeks Until Christmas

I’m trying to come up with the best word to describe this last week but can’t- chaos, anxious unknown, busy none of these adjectives really captures it, but you get the idea.

Anyway, on the farm to date this winter the weather has been kind, but typical December rain and wind has set in so it’s not the nicest time to be outside. Having said that we still get some beautifully freezing cold, dry and still days to enjoy. The first of our Christmas baby lambs have started to arrive, they are not really supposed to until next weekend, but with nature you can always expect a few outliers. We have three cuties so far, and over Christmas we expect to have 100!!  I’ll try and do a video in the coming days, and you can see for yourselves.

Cute Sheeps Milk Lamb

Being a producer of chilled product into the hospitality sector is a nightmare at the moment. What do we do?  Produce normal amounts for this time of year and risk loads of waste and cancelled sales? Cut down production and risk, letting customers down and loosing sales?

On a more festive note, we’ve been packing and sending out lots of sheep’s milk chocolate, fudge, soap and cheese boards so THANKYOU everyone. If you like what you got so far, please tell a few more, friends and colleagues, so this Christmas we’ll all see a real increase in people supporting local.

Limited Edition Handmade Christmas Gifts

For those asking about last days to order for Christmas: DPD are not promising anything.  I suppose like the rest of us they don’t know what to expect in the coming 14 days or so. Our advice based on last years, experience is to be sure, order by Friday week the 17th Dec, at the latest, we will still be dispatching on 20th and 21st the nearer we get to the 23rd the parcels are with the DPD Gods.

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