We are just back from Salon du Fromage

Sorry it’s been a while

Apologies for the long gap in sending out a newsletter.  Last weekend we headed to France for the Salon du Fromage it was really interesting which I will come back to over the coming weeks.  Michael got back on Tuesday evening, and I got back on Thursday night, so we’ve been under a lot of pressure to catch up with a week’s work in just a few days as a result. The Salon du Fromage is a business-to-business trade show and we met a lot of exciting prospects from around the world, many  of these will come to nothing, but we only need one or two to develop into relationships to make it worthwhile. Just as important is that we also developed relationships with the other four farmhouse cheese makers who were there at the Salon exhibiting with us and  we got to know the great team in Bord Bia who coordinated and arranged the Irish cheese stand.


Michael at Salon du Fromage


Aisling and Michael Salon du Fromage

 Irish Farmhouse Cheese Stand - Salon du Fromage


No sooner I got in the door home, I developed a bad head cold and  Junior shepherd number one told me I had “conference flu” which I scoffed at, but which he insists is a thing. He is now working for a well-known international software company, and therefore prides himself in knowing these things. Apparently when people go away to conferences, or overseas, many of them come back with colds and flus because they have been mixing with so many strangers, and this “conference flu” is a known disease. I think this is hilarious, and an invention of his snowflake generation (as I slag him for being part of), but I will take the sympathy from wherever I get it. Wishing you all a great coming week I aim to be back to my more regular communicative self in the coming days.

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