We are now listed on the Musgrave Super Valu Centra Central Distribution System


SuperValu Centra can now stock Velvet Cloud Sheep's Milk Yogurt


This is a huge development for a small business like ours!  It means that any Super Valu or Centra in the country can now order our sheep's yogurt from the Musgrave warehouse and have it on their shelf within 48 hours. We know this will come as welcome news to those of you, who prefer not to buy six pots of yogurt at a time online . Or those of you who used to email/text or phone us, telling us that yet again a SuperValu listed as a Velvet Cloud stockist on our website, was out of stock. Up until now we've had to use our own delivery vans to deliver to the 30 SuperValus where we are currently on sale. But because we were trying to do everything, we could only manage this once a week. We were also only allowed by the shop to leave a small number of pots on the shelf. So if a customer came in and purchased every pot that was on the shelf (you know who you are :)) it would then be another week until we could deliver again, and so the shop was out of stock :(

Velvet Cloud Sheep's Milk Yogurt On Shel

We know we will lose some of you, our fabulous online buyers.  But the fact that you'll now be able to buy one or two pots whenever you visit a Super Valu will suit many of you. This is much better for you and we totally get that, so don't worry you won't be hurting our feelings, in fact you will be helping us grow. 

So if you have time and can get to ask your local SuperValu in the coming days, we would love to hear how you get on. Like everything we anticipate there may be teething problems, but fingers crossed, this is such a MASSIVE chance for us and we hope we'll be able to share the excitement and updates of the journey with you. 


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