We can't do Black Friday or Cyber Monday but we can offer a deal!

We can't do Black Friday or Cyber Monday because we havent a hope of competiting or the budgets to run those type of promotions. But what we can do is offer a specal deal on our award winning artisan sheep's cheese. 

The reason we can offer this  bundle at such great value is that when the machine is cutting our big rounds of cheese, it cuts each piece as close as possible to 130g, ( which is the weight we sell the pieces at in the shops). But because our big rounds are all not precisely the same weight, we inevitably end up with pieces of cheese that are outside the weight we need and so we cannot sell them with our usual pre-printed retail labels.

Everything we do here at Velvet Cloud is about waste reduction, and who wants to waste delicious cheese? So this is why we are giving you the chance to buy mixed-weight pieces at a great price – only €9.99. The offer until it sells out is here https://velvetcloud.ie/collections/all-products/products/rockfield-semi-hard-sheeps-cheese-limited-batch-bundle-of-three?utm_source=New%20Customers%20Since%20Jan%2022%20including%20Free%20sample%20purchasers&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=RDS%20Gifted%20%2801GJW28RF6YQM7B2KZCJXQ54K2%29&email=Klavio%20cheese&_kx=

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