We cut silage this week !

Never before in the history of the farm have, we cut silage in November. Silage is a way we can preserve fresh grass by fermenting it and keeping it in controlled conditions (in bales) where air cannot get at eat. It has been so mild that the grass has been growing up until now, and because we can never predict the weather into the future it’s important to preserve as much grass as possible. We would also need to do this anyway, so that in the spring fresh new juicy grass will be able to grow and wouldn’t be inhibited by last season’s dead growth.


In other news, yesterday in the Irish Independent they published a Gift Guide of 200 Irish made Gifts, we were thrilled to see our artisan food hampers right in the centre on the page of Gifts for Foodies ! You can see all of our artisan food Christmas gift ideas here 

 https://velvetcloud.ie/collections/all-productsChristmas Artisan Food Hampers

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