We Didnt Win The All Ireland Football Final But We Got Some Consolation

So we didn’t win, well here in Mayo we are used to that, and still so very proud of who we are and the amazing achievements of our team.  Here at Velvet Cloud we got a consolation prize when www.lovin.ie  featured us in their Best Social Media Reactions To The All Ireland Final result and the celebrity chef Neven Maguire has given us a mention.

Best Social Media Campaign Reaction To All Ireland Mayo Versus Tyrone Final


Best Social Medai Reaction To All Ireland Final Result

Neven Maguire has a new cookbook out Learn To Cook With Neven, its full of really easy yet delicious recipes. In yesterday's Irish Independent magazine  (Saturday 19th September) he had four lovely recipes. One is a simple Hazelnut Brown Bread and is very like the one a lot of our customers make with Velvet Cloud yogurt. In fact, Neven suggests just that as an option!! The pic below is our attempt, not his 🙂


Neven Magurire Learn To Cook With Neven

"The hazelnut yogurt gives a sweet nutty flavour, but you could use any natural yogurt with no added sugar or even a sheep’s milk yogurt such as Velvet Cloud instead"  Thrilled to be mentioned by one of our heroes 🙂


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