We had a great weekend, hope you did too?

Hope you managed to get a break this weekend? As hoped himself and myself had a lovely one. We enjoyed a lovely dinner with friends in Galway on Saturday - a big barbeque with Velvet Cloud featuring of course. The chicken was marinated in yogurt and harissa before hitting the grill, and accompanied by a quickly made Tzatziki (as you can see in the photo we were too lazy to do any of the draining of yogurt or squeezing out of moisture from the cucumber), the burgers were served with a yogurt and harissa sauce. Heres a proper recipie for the tzatziki dip https://velvetcloud.ie/blogs/recipes/velvet-cloud-sheeps-milk-yogurt-tzatziki-dip

Chicken marinated in harissa sheep's yogurt and sheep's yogurt  tzatziki dip

We of course had to pop into the Galway Tesco en route, and thankfully found the Velvet Cloud on the shelf.  I made himself take a selfie when we were there, which as you can see he was delighted with ! I say thankfully because there have been a few teething problems with the launch. Our small 130g pot is supposed to be on shelf too, but as yet hasn’t appeared so we are hoping this week it will. Tesco is a huge international organisation, with lots of computerized systems, codes and processes. We are only one tiny supplier of thousands,  in only 32 of over 150 stores in Ireland. There are lots and lots and lots of things that all have to line up to get a product onto a shelf.  So if any of you spot us this week in one of the 32 TESCO’s we would LOVE to know! 

In the meantime, wishing everyone a great week and thank you for supporting us, you are the best!

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