We Had A Visitor This Weekend

We had a lovely visit on Saturday afternoon. It was from a young chef Shana Murphy working in Adare Manor.  Shana is  one fo the six finalists in the Euro toques Your Chef Of The Year competition. The Euro-Toques Young Chef of the Year competition is Ireland’s premier cooking awards for young chefs. But it also nurtures and educates new talent. Shauna is a fan of Velvet Cloud and in her spare time wants to meet as many producers of the ingredients she uses as possible, It was lovely to see the inspiration and focus of the next generation of chefs, Shauna deserves every success.

As she experiments here is a little creation Shauna came up with  banana and hazelnut parfait ,banana caramel, chocolate twile, caramelised banana, milk chocolate aero and sheep's yogurt sorbet

Sheeps yogurt dessert by Shauna Murphy Adare Manor

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