We Were On The Television Yesterday- An Outside Broadcast

We had a fascinating morning yesterday. We were invited to Knockranny House Hotel, by the television programme Ireland AM to do a piece about Mayo food producers. We were in the great company of Mescan Breweries in Westport and Kellys Butchers of Newport. It was so interesting to see how an outside broadcast is run – or OB as the cool industry people call it. 

Mescan Brewery, Kellys Butchers and Velvet Cloud on the Television

The normal Ireland AM show was running from their Dublin studio but every now and again they would cut to a live piece from Mayo, Chef Seamus Cummons cooked some beautiful hake, then our separate Mayo food producers piece and a fashion piece featuring Mayo boutiques.  For just three features of a few minutes each, there were two camera men, a producer, a director, a lights man, and few others helping out here and there. Lots of talking remotely to the Dublin studio, through head sets to see if they were happy with our set up, lots of microphone testing,  and lots of “ silence everyone going live in five, four, three, two one !”  followed by  waving of hands behind cameras to speed us up or slow us down. I found the whole thing really interesting.

Anyhow the piece seemed to spark a bit more interest and we got a few new customers via the website and hopefully more going into stores.


Chef Seamus Commons Knockranny House Hotel and Paul Ryder Ireland AM on camera

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