Weekly Farm Update and Summer Menu Suggestions

Like all farmers in Ireland, it is all systems go as soon as the sun comes out. So we've been able to prepare the ground for a new fodder beat crop, which hopefully we can sew this week. Also, the grass has started to grow like mad, which is fantastic because we were getting a bit worried. We set up a paddock system at this time of year, so the girls get to graze a totally fresh piece of grass every few days. You can keep an eye on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for video updates this week.

I am also trying to get to grips with Instagram reels - (fast little 15 sec videos, which are great for showing recipes), all this technology is wrecking my head! As soon as you grasp something, another new thing comes along :( Anyhow, I have a reel made on Instagram of the spicy cauliflower and fish cake recipes pictured below, and the full recipes are in the  recipe section here https://velvetcloud.ie/blogs/recipes

Velvet Cloud sheep's yogurt marinated spicy cauliflower


Velvet Cloud sheep's yogurt fish cakes



Two other summer recipe ideas posted on social media this week 

  • Ottolenghi charred tomatoes with cold yoghurt, posted by Cookery Teacher Gina Griffin
  • Zaatar roast cauliflower, green wheat freekeh, kalettes, pomegranate, Velvet Cloud tahini labneh - posted by the wonderful restaurant Woodruff in Stepaside Dublin, doing click and collect at the moment.

Ottolenghi charred cherry tomatoes with cold Velvet Cloud sheep's yogurt Zaatar roast cauliflower, green wheat freekeh, kalette, pomegranate, tahini labneh

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