What A Busy Few Weeks In A Small Food Business Looks Like


Apologies I haven’t had a chance to blog in a while, its been a mad few weeks. We took a few days off a few weeks ago and while that was lovely, it just meant that double the amount of work was waiting for us when we got back, so there wasn’t a lot of time for writing.

The Flanagan Family Shephers On Tour


We’ve been pushing hard to get the word out about any SuperValu or Centra being able to stock Velvet Cloud yogurt, so that has meant a lot of store visits and road trips. Thank you to all of you, who have been sending dms, emails or posting on social media that you have asked your local SuperValu to get it in. Most stores asked have been amazing a few have forgotten to order, so nagging works great, if you need to see it on a shelf near you.


Velvet Cloud Sheep's Milk Yogurt On Shelves In SuperValu

For the next two weeks every LIDL in the country will be stocking our yogurt and a specially produced slightly milder younger sheep’s cheese than our usual Rockfield cheese, under the brand Little Shepherd. This is part of their Kickstart programme for small producers, its only for two weeks, but was a mammoth task for us to produce enough volume to supply them.  It was however a great learning experience, and hopefully it will help build awareness about the product.


LIDL Kickstart Logo

On a personal note our little puppy Ellie who some of you might have seen in our social media posts,  was killed by a car last weekend, (not anyone’s fault just one of those tragic accidents) and our eldest junior shepherd daughter is getting ready to head of to the US on Tuesday to do a college term there. So as you can imagine senior and junior shepherds hearts are a bit fragile here in Rockfield at the moment.

Ending on a positive note, chefs are back doing what they do best creating wonders and kindly posting photos of their sheep’s milk related I am aiming to  more details about these recipies posted here next week, which will hopefully inspire.

.Fish and Bean Sligo Mackrel Salad With Velvet Cloud Sheep's Yogurt Dressing

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