Winter Recipees Ideas For Velvet Cloud Yogurt

This is the time of year, that for me anyway a bowl of yogurt on its own just won’t cut it, I need something more, so here’s some of the wintery things we do with Velvet Cloud yogurt.

A warm breakfast hug, that smells like Christmas

Chop up an apple (I find this a great way to use up the tired looking ones that the junior shepherds haven’t used at school that week) put it into a small saucepan, add any of : a few cloves, star anise, pinch of ground cinnamon. If you have it add a squeeze of lemon juice, and or a drop of honey, add a splash of water. Depending on my mood I might or might not add some berries from the freezer. Simmer, blitz, and serve over a big bowl of Velvet Cloud . The whole kitchen smells festive and breakfast is a nice warm hug, to start the day off right.

Easy Soup To Impress

Homemade soup – use veg of your choice (I usually sauté, garlic, onion, followed by carrots, and or leeks and a tin of tomatoes) add a stock cube and water and simmer for 10 – 15 mins. A pinch of cumin, or chili added to the mixture, gives the soup a warm spicy wintery flavour. Blitz in a blender and return to the saucepan. Just before serving, stir in some Velvet Cloud yogurt this adds a lovely creaminess, without being too rich. Serve in warm bowls, with another blob of Velvet Cloud on top, if you want to impress sprinkle a tiny bit of whichever spice you used in the soup on the blob of yogurt.

Jazz up the mince pies

Instead of cream, serve a warm mince pie with Velvet Cloud yogurt, you will be amazed, the sweetness of the mice pie pairs perfectly with the creaminess of the yogurt.

Porridge Bread

I’m not going to write the recipe you’ll find it here, but safe to say that ever single human I have met who has made this, as told me it is the most delicious they’ve ever tried! What I love about it is you need zero baking skills, no worrying about folding, rising, etc. Treat yourself or guests this Christmas you won’t regret it.

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