You can now add cheese to your yogurt delivery and still get shipping for FREE

You might be interested in a tweak to delivery options that I’ve finally,  been able to make (so sorry it’s taken so long).

From now on if you are buying six yogurts you can add some cheese (Cloonbook or Rockfield) and the shipping will still be free.!! Just make sure to do this via the yogurt and cheese bundles here

We’ve always offered free shipping on our yogurt because it's important for us to spread the word and get as many as possible to try it.  However, to cover costs we have to charge shipping on our other products, to keep the business viable.

Recently a few of you have asked (very logically) could you not just add some cheese to your yogurt box, (on which you are already getting free delivery). A very simple idea - in theory, but not so simple technically for a dinosaur like me!

Anyhow, I think I have sorted it, so this is just a heads up to let you know that next time you are buying yogurt you have a free shipping option if you also want to add some cheese.

Click here to see the choices.  Please just remember to avail of the free delivery, the yogurt, and cheese must be bought as a bundle. If you add cheese at check out, it won’t work and you will still be charged for delivery.

Thank you as always fabulous people for your support, your feedback, and suggestions.
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