Candied beetroot with sheep’s yogurt and dill oil

Candied beetroot with sheep’s yogurt and dill oil


Created by Chef Martin Ruffley and represented on the amazing website of Anna King where you will find the most beautiful photography and recipes.

This dessert is a sweet, sour and salty dish. The sheep’s yoghurt introduces a subtle acidity, which cuts through the sweetness. One of the health promoting aspects of fermented foods, like Velvet Cloud is that the sour flavours stimulates digestion.


  • 400g Diced Beetroot (from the Kvass).
  • 150g Water 
  • 150g Sugar 
  • Sheep’s  Yoghurt 200ml 
  • Dill Oil to dress


  1. Place the sugar and water into a pan and bring to the boil.
  2. Add the diced beetroot and poach in the stock syrup until beetroot is cooked.
  3. Transfer candied beetroot to refrigerator.  Once cold it is ready to serve.

To serve: place beetroot into a suitable dish or bowl, dress with sheep’s yoghurt and drizzle with some dill oil. Recipe on Anna Kings website.

If you prefer to reduce your refined sugar intake, use honey. Instead of adding sugar to water, poach with water and honey (according to your own taste). Place in the fridge and follow the rest of the recipe as above.

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