Cow Dairy Free High Protein High Fiber Pancakes

If you want to participate in the pancake fun,  but can’t take cow dairy, these ones are really nice, and they are naturally high in fibre and protein. I find  they don’t leave you with the bloated feeling  that I used to get when eating traditional pancakes. I suppose its kind of like eating porridge but in a nice way. I don’t know what it is (most likely childhood memories) but myself and porridge just don’t get on. Any how I made the batter yesterday and have some left over and made these ones this morning served with some lovely raspberries and more yogurt on top. I like to add cinnamon and sometimes vanilla to the mixture but thats personal choice. 

 High Protein high fiber dairy free pancakes

Serves 4
100g plain flour
100g oatmeal
2 eggs
450g yogurt
Beat eggs and yogurt, add to oatmeal flour and cinnamon
Take a ladel full and drop on a hot oiled pan to fry
Keep an eye using a fish slice and when one side is golden brown turn it over to brown on the other side
Serve with more live Velvet Cloud 
yogurt and toppings of your choice
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