Frozen yogurt

Why Velvet Cloud makes such great frozen yogurt

Because Velvet Cloud yogurt has  a higher fat content (healthier fats remember 😊) than other yogurts, it makes a really creamy frozen yogurt, and because of its higher solid content it also doesn’t crystalise as much on freezing, and if you use frozen fruit, you don’t even have to put it in the freezer !! 

5 minute frozen yogurt

A 5 min frozen yogurt can be made with 3 cups frozen berries to one cup Velvet Cloud yogurt, add a squeeze of lemon and honey to taste if you like things a bit sweeter, blitz and you are ready to serve. With thanks to our lovely customer Aine for sending in this photo

5 min frozen yogurt

Frozen Yogurt Bark

I’ve two favourites, the first is adding a few drops of vanilla essence, and a tiny tiny bit of honey, to a large pot of Velvet Cloud yogurt mix and pop in the freezer, if I remember I stir it once or twice while its freezing but it doesn’t really matter.  To impress visually for dessert I sometimes, line a baking tray with grease proof paper.  Then I mix a large pot of Velvet Cloud with vanilla essence, a squeeze of lemon, one squirt of honey, I then spread that mixture out so its only 1 cm (ish thick) and sprinkle mixed berries over the mixture. Once frozen it makes a lovely yogurt bark, which you can just break into beautiful random shaped bits. See my photo below.  

Frozen Yogurt Bark


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