Healthy Snack Idea - Local Irish Tuna Melt

The only Tuna we eat in our house is Shines Irish Tuna it is really delicious, and we know the lovely family from Donegal who own the company, anyhow I’ve discovered a fab combination for a Tuna melt.  Cut a slit from the centre of a wrap to the outside, on one quarter put some cherry tomatoes, on one quarter some Shines Tuna, in a dressing of Velvet Cloud yogurt and chopped spring onion, on another quarter some Rockfield sheep’s cheese.

Irish Local Tuna Melt with Velvet Cloud Yogurt Shines Tuna and Rockfield Sheep's Cheese


Fold the wrap quarter by quarter on top of each other so it forms  a pouch (see photos) . Some people like to toast it on a griddle pan or dry frying pan a few minutes each side, I just microwave it for about a minute until the cheese is melted. DELICIOUS


Irish Local Tuna Melt

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