High protein, high fibre , chocolate covered energy balls

Easter snack idea

Over this coming weekend, I’m anticipating a house full of horrible ultra processed chocolate  full of refined sugar, which if I taste I will eat more of and of course regret, and my microbiome and brain will let me know about later. So I’ve just made a big batch of chocolate covered energy balls to keep me going.

These are high fibre high protein chocolate covered energy balls. I am too lazy to measure precisely when preparing food, so these delicious snacks work perfectly - I put approx a fist of oats, together with ground coconut, ground almond, pinch of cinnamon, cranberries, sultanas, few drops vanilla essence and a bit of Velvet Cloud yogurt into a blender and blitz. If the mixture is too wet add more dry ingredients, if it’s too dry I add more yogurt. Roll into balls by hand, then cool in fridge. When cool cover in melted dark chocolate ( I melt in the microwave) and cool in the fridge again.

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A delicious,healthy snack. High in fibre and protein . Perfect Easter treat.


Great idea! Will do them for young people who don’t want to eat just chocolate. I’ll make them egg shaped and put them in an egg box!! Thank you Aisling.

Hilary Henry

They look scrumptious. Will definitely do some for the grandkids.


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