Velvet Cloud Sheep's Yogurt Creamy Pannacotta

Dan Guerin is a chef in Cush Ballycottin and uses Velvet Cloud throughout the year. He recently had a recipe in The Irish Times -  Velvet Cloud yoghurt pannacotta with  pumpkin in a spiced caramel - This made me realise we hadn’t posted a pannacotta recipe before. Making pannacotta (which actually means cooked cream in Italian), with Velvet Cloud, is popular with a lot of chefs in Ireland because the creaminess of the yogurt, makes a really luxurious dessert and then they then add their own twist


Sheep's yogurt pannacotta


Serves 6



For the pannacotta:
500g cream
100g milk
1 vanilla pod (scraped seeds and pods)
100g caster sugar
2½ leaves of gelatine
150g natural Velvet Cloud sheep’s milk yoghurt


Sheeps milk yogurt pannacotta wiht a crumble crumb



Soak the gelatine in cold water before starting. Bring the cream, milk, and vanilla to the boil. Add the sugar and squeezed gelatine. Whisk well until combined. Leave to cool to between 40 and 50 degrees (use a probe to check the temperature), or until cool enough to dip a finger in, then add the sheep's  yoghurt. Portion 140g per person into whatever vessel you have available such as a glass, cup, or bowl. Set in the fridge overnight.

Then its up to your imagination as to what you serve it with, think hazelnut crumb, coulis of forest fruit, meruigne crumb, spice infused sauces, or a sweet rich caramel drizzle.

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