A crazy but enjoyable week - A Graduation, A Cheese Awards, Customer Visits & Silage!


Well that was a crazy but enjoyable week !  It started out with Junior shepherd #3 graduating from secondary school, with a really nice ceremony of music and prayer, and so wonderful to see the happy young ladies, full of excitement for the future, that she and her friends have become.

Niamhs Graduation


The girls at graduation

Flanagan Cousins

Customer Visits

Then I was off down to the south of Ireland to travel around on customer visits, in the company of our wonderful wholesaler. The objective of these visits is to introduce our new labneh soft cheese and to thank them for their support over the past few years. I had the privilege to visit some of the best dining establishments in the country and what a perfect week to be doing it. The scenery, helped by the glorious weather was stunning.  I was in Ballycotton, Dungarven, Youghal, Castlemartyr,  Waterford and Cork City. Having grown up in Dunlaoire the one thing I really miss about life there is the sight and smell of the sea, which I got in abundance this week.

Ballycotton 1

Ballycotton 2

Artisan Cheese Awards

Then in the middle of the week, we got news that we were awarded a Gold for our Rockfield Sheep’s cheese in the Artisan Cheese Awards in Melton Mowbray in the UK. There are over 600 cheeses entered from across England and Ireland, so its great to get the endorsement.

Gold Award for Rockfield Sheep's Cheese Artisan Cheese Awards

Irish Times Mention for Salad Dressing

On Friday, Marie Claire Digby had an article in The Irish Times about Summer Salads and favourite salad dressings, she interviewed a few of the culinary experts in Ireland to get their feedback. We were delighted to read that Chef JP McMahon (Michelin Star Aniar – Galway) said his favourite salad dressing was Velvet Cloud Yogurt and dilisk seaweed.

Irish Times Mention 25th May 2023- Velvet Cloud Yogurt and Dillisk

Back in Beautiful Mayo

Now I’m back in Mayo with its beautiful 40 shades of green and this weekend we are busy cutting silage. I’ve a video here if its something of interest. 

Hope the sun is out wherever you are and you get the chance to enjoy it.

Green Mayo 2

Green Mayo 2

Green Mayo 3

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