A Sunday Times Review and Some Chef Inspiration

This weekend in the Sunday Times Restaurant Review of in Nass Co Kildare, The culinary critic duo The Gastro Gays described one of the desserts   as - Velvet Cloud Parfait is a sharp, savoury experience in layers of apple, yuzu and sorrel.

Neighbour Food Naas Desserts

The Old Couch Cafe in Waterford have launched their winter menu which on dessert includes a Coconut and almond crumble  with  Velvet Cloud sheep’s yogurt, coconut, pineapple, mandarin and habanero chilli.

The Old Couch Cafe Waterford Coconut and Apple crumble with sorrel and Velvet Cloud yogur


And for Flanagan shepherds last night, it was Paul Kane’s (our local butchers) lamb kebabs served with a Velvet Cloud harissa yogurt, not quiet Michelin star stuff but delicious
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