Blocked On Twitter

On Thursday I posted my usual good morning Mayo tweet. I think I said "mist rising, birds singing, one duck quacking", it was accompanied by a video of the sun rising over the lake. About 20 mins later when I tried to get into Twitter again I got a message saying, "Your Tweet has violated our policies, you are now blocked for 12 hours" !  Strange how a sunrise could be deemed anti-anything?  But the real problem was 12 hours later. When the 12 hours were up I had two choices: tick a box to agree I have violated Twitter policies, or fill in a form to appeal. The dilemma: if I accepted I had violated policy what is to say the next time the algorithm doesn't like my sunrise I am blocked again, and if you violate three times you are blocked forever!!. So I chose to appeal, problem here is it could take up to 30 days for Twitter to review my appeal. Twitter has been and continues to be an important brand-building tool for us, we now have/had 7.5k followers many of them chefs and generally lovely people who oblige and reshare what we tweet every now and again to their audiences.  So a little tool in our arsenal is gone for the moment :(  But for now Siobhan The Sheep has taken over the reins. Her Twitter handle is @SiobhanTheSheep if you Tweet a follow and a share would be wonderful.
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