Darina Allen is a fan!

So at the Euro-Toques awards two weeks ago, I met Darina Allen, her mother in law Myrtle Allen founded Euro-Toques Ireland in the 1980s  and Darina has championed the association and especially the awards ever since. She tasted our cheese that day and asked to buy some on the spot and she took what I had with me for our display, back to Cork with her.   Darina Allen with Velvet Cloud sheep's milk products

A few days later I got a call from the head chef at Ballymaloe House and now Rockfield Sheep’s cheese is on their menu!!  Darina has also been writing about us and posting about our cheese on her social.


Darina writes about the Eurotoques awards including Velvet Cloud in the Cork Examiner

Darina Allen writes about Velvet Cloud and other award winners in the Cork Examiner


Cheese Makers Having Fun at the Eurotoque Food Awards

Having fun at the Eurotoque Food Awards

Feeling dead proud :)

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