It's going only OK today...

Day two of trying to settle into the back-to-routine vibe, which is going only OK…
I think this a common feeling as the mornings are dark, the lie-ins and sugar-laden foods are supposed to be behind us. I am fascinated as some of you already know with the link between the state of our microbiome and mental and physical health and I noticed over Christmas my sleep was disturbed and my skin broke out after just a few days of excess sweet things and too much alcohol. This study which looks at social anxiety and the microbiome, discussed in the Guardian is just the latest in increasing research showing how important a healthy Microbiome is. So if you are feeling like me this morning i.e. a bit “meh” as my junior shepherds call it, try to get out for a walk, eat a lot more fiber than you have been, and at least one portion of a fermented food today. Anecdotally I promise it works, and the science shows the same thing too.

Michael and Aisling Flanagan

With a view to trying to manage our own mental health better in 2024, I got himself out for a beach walk on Monday and I also got him in front of the camera (a rare occurrence). The camera bit keeps me happy, but I've seen no science to say it helps with mental health 😀 Stay strong everyone It is a marathon and not a sprint. We would like to wish you all a healthy and peaceful 2024 and thank you from the bottom of our hears for all the support in 2023.

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