On 19th September 2019 Michael went to Knock airport in the pouring rain.

Earlier that week we had got a call  from a chef called Kevin Burke an Irish Chef working in London in the renowned  Michelin stared restaurant The Ninth. Kevin was home for a short break and asking where he could get our sheep’s milk products in London.  At the time we only had one shop stocking Velvet Cloud yogurt, so we offered to meet him with what he needed as he was flying back to London out of Knock Airport. We packed everything up in an insulated box and ice, and the two lads met just off the N17 in the lashing rain. Kevin insisted he’d put the box in his huge suitcase, and all would be fine.

Fast forward and Kevin now has his own amazing restaurant Library Street in Dublin. We’ve been supplying, Kevin since his return to Ireland. Then yesterday this post and beautiful photo appears on Instagram.

Sheeps milk icecream

Fresh blood orange, Sheep’s Milk + Cardamom ice-cream Blood Orange sorbet. Sheep’s yogurt and vanilla  espuma. Blood orange  and fennel seasoning. This is a complete celebration of Velvet Cloud We go back a long time. Years back Mr Velvet Cloud drove to Knock airport with a suitcase full of yogurt and milk to Keven Burk so he could bring  it back to London. It was a very nervous time watching the suitcase come out of the carousel on the other side, thankfully it came out in one piece. Everything they do is beyond perfect. You will find us always using it on our menu. Thank you, Velvet Cloud, “

Business is all about relationships, this one made is smile.  The photo is by Ruth Calderpotts

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