Rowan Berries Who Knew?

I was out again yesterday evening, walking the dogs and foraging (translate as picking some wild berries). The red /orange berries in the pic below are rowan berries or Mountain Ash berries, the birds are going mad for them so you would think they are as sweet and succulent as the black berries, but they are actually very bitter raw and need a bit of love to make the edible.  I’ve plenty of ideas for my blackberry stocks, including the traditional apple and blackberry crumble but had to reach out to my chef buddies for recommendations on rowan berries.


Rowan Berry Collection From My Walk


So the experts say : Rowan Jelly with added crab apples is fab with lamb. You can salt them and leave for a month and use in place of olives. Or the one I am going to try this weekend, is cook them slow in a pot with cider vinegar, red wine, brown sugar a few cloves and fennel seeds, blitz, pass through a sieve, let it cool. This it makes a lovely sauce to go with our Rockfield cheese apparently.




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