Tesco and a Mayonnaise Substitute

You might have seen that our yogurt has been listed in 32 Tesco Ireland stores last week, this is a big deal for us, as it allows many more people who get in touch trying to find Velvet Cloud, to get their hands on it more easily.  The Tesco stock ordering system works very efficiently by computer. This means it’s highly unlikely that it will ever be out of stock in a store its listed in.  If you or anyone you know were able to buy just one pot in the coming weeks that would be a huge help to us, because then the computer sees someone is actually interested in it, and orders again. Tesco pick the stores they start a new product in by size of store, so we still have some gaps, but if it’s a success, they will eventually roll it out to all their shops. Fingers crossed

Tesco Stockists Of Velvet Cloud Yogurt


You always learn from your customers, and that’s why I am still buzzing after Bloom, we learnt so much . One of the common questions we were asked at Bloom was “Which one is the substitute for Mayonnaise?” something we hadn’t promote hugely in the past,  but we are definitely going to shout about in the future. Then coincidentally in this Saturdays Irish Times one of our lovely restaurant customers - Pota Café - in An Tulach Connemara, received a beautiful review from Corrina Hargrave, and while she was there she had a beautiful fresh crab salad. From what I know crab salad is often made with mayonnaise, not in this case and I quote:

The crab has travelled the short distance from Inis Mor, has been handpicked in Pota and gently folded into Velvet Cloud sheep’s yogurt with tiny piece of celery, red onion, sautéed garlic and a spritz of lemon juice, before being popped into a Kilner jar, sealed with butter and topped with a few wild garlic flowers. Salad leaves from An Garai Glas organic farm across the road, are glossy with vinaigrette dressing , a few slice of cucumber have been lightly pickled and three slabs of brown soda bread, with just a hint of dillisk are on the plate. This really is one of the finest lunch dishes you could imagine.”


Pota Crab Salad With Velvet Cloud Yogurt As Reviewed in The Irish Times

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