The Questions People Have Been Asking About Sheep’s Milk Online

The Questions People Have Been Asking About Sheep’s Milk Online


I have been doing a lot of research on how to get the word out about the fact that you  can now buy our sheep’s milk yogurt on line, I’ve come across some cool tools that tell you what questions people have been searching for online around sheep’s milk so I am going to answer some of them here.

Is sheep’s milk lactose free ?  / Does sheep milk have lactose ?/ Sheep’s Milk and Lactose Intolerance

No sheep’s milk is not lactose free it is still a dairy product, but it has a different make up to cow’s milk. For example it has a different protein structure and it has a different proportion of polar lipids compared to cows milk. Sheep’s milk is also naturally homogenised which means the fat globules are not mechanically broken up before it is sold, which would be norm for commercially available cows milk which is homogenised (processed to mechanically break up the fat) before it goes on sale. Sheep milk also contain a higher quantity of medium/short chain saturated fatty acids and it is believed that this leads to higher lactose absorption which may be of benefit for those who are lactose intolerant.

Does Sheep’s Milk Have Casein?

Yes, there is casein in sheep milk, but not in the same form as cow milkSheep dairy contain much less or no A1 beta-casein; instead, they mostly contain the more easily digestible A2 beta-casein, which is a big part of the reason some people say its healthier.

Is sheep’s milk dairy?

See the answer to the above two. Yes, it is dairy but a different delicious dairy alternative. Unlike other dairy alternatives it doesn’t have  long list of ingredients, hasn’t been processed and our Irish sheep’s milk yogurt has a low carbon footprint than the alternatives like almond, soy or coconut which are not grown in Ireland.

Where to buy milk/ Sheep’s milk near me/ Sheep’s Milk For Sale/Sheep’s Milk To Buy

The good news is you can buy our Velvet Cloud sheep’s milk yogurt here on line, or there is a complete list of stockists also on our website, and we will have our sheep’s milk cheese coming soon.

What Does Sheep’s Milk Taste Like ?

Because of the make up of sheep’s milk it has a mild slightly naturally sweet creamy taste. It in NO WAY tastes or smells like sheep!!

 Who Drinks Sheep’s Milk

I can’t give you a statistically accurate answer to this one, but I can only tell you who the customers for Velvet Cloud Sheep’s Milk yogurt are. The majority of consumers who are buying our sheep’s milk yogurt tell us they feel they are sensitive to cow dairy.  They may just not like cow dairy, or in more cases they feel they are, or they have been diagnosed with some sort of inflammation. For example many of our customers tell us they have IBS, or they have a digestive issue, or they are recovering from some sort of illness or been on a course of antibiotics.  We also have consumers who love to cook and have seen Velvet Cloud sheep’s yogurt on the menus of restaurants around Ireland, these people usually have a love of natural products, and are particularly keen to source products from small local artisan producers, where they know exactly who and where the food comes from.

Sheep’s Milk Versus Cow’s Milk

Sheep milk presents an attractive nutritional and health-promoting food source due to its high- mineral and -protein contents compared to milk from other lactating species such as cow and goat. The macrominerals Ca, P, Na, and Mg are reported to be present in sheep milk at much higher levels compared to cow and goat milks. In particular, sheep milk contains approximately 36% more calcium than cow milk and 31% more than goat milk. ( Jade Chia, … Alaa El-Din A. Bekhit, in Nutrients in Dairy and their Implications on Health and Disease, 2017)

If you are curious and would like to try some sheep's milk our variety pack with a sample of both our yogurt and cheese might just be for you, just click here


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