You meet people who say, I am on a dairy free diet but can take sheep's milk cheese or goats milk cheese. But aren't they dairy products too?

Yes both sheep's milk and goat milk products are also dairy but a different type of dairy

A1 milk has A1 type of protein (casein) and A2 milk has A2 type of protein (casein). This is important because the way the milk is broken down and metabolised in the system is different. Due to the difference in availability of different types of milk, A1 milk is relatively cheaper and easier to find than A2 milk.

Sheep’s milk and goats milk contains much less or no A1 beta-casein; instead, it mostly contains the more easily digestible A2 beta-casein, which is a big part of the reason some people say its healthier. 

Several studies have reported that cow’s milk with a dominant or singular A2-

milk may be healthier than A1 -milk. These studies are based on digestion

 of A1milk which lead  to release  β -casomorphin-  7  (BCM-7).  Subsequently

increase inflammation, Type-1-diabetes, heart  disease,  autism,  gastrointestinal  discomfort  and  other  disease  in  the  consumer. ( Source: A1- and A2 -Milk and Their  Effect on Human Health )

If you want to avoid A1- milk you can still have a dairy based diet and consume  sheep’s milk products.

Aisling Flanagan