15 Minute Brunch - Tomato Cream Cheese Labneh and Egg Brunch

At the weekend I saw a post on Instagram where the lovely  Kate Ryan an Award Winning Food Writer and member of the Food Writers Guild (her Instagram handle is flavour.ie)  – had a reel in which she made a delicious 15 minute  brunch using our sheep’s milk labneh. I tried to recreate it yesterday and while it didn’t look half as good as Kate’s it was seriously delicious.  It’s a high protein, 15 minute brunch and it is bursting with taste, the creaminess of the labneh works really well with the sweet tanginess of the cherry tomatoes, and the eggs add that extra protein layer, I highly recommend recipe here.


200g of cherry tomatoes – fresh or tinned work fine

50 g butter

Glove of Crushed

Ground cumin

Pinch of dried chili

Salt and pepper to season

130g tub Velvet Cloud sheep’s milk labneh (or make your own using Velvet Cloud Yogurt)


Extra virgin olive oil

2 Free Range Eggs

Basil to garnish


Slowly sauté the tomatoes in melted butter, and crushed garlic, add a teaspoon of ground cumin, pinch of dried chili and salt and pepper to taste.

Cherry tomatoes sauteed

 While this mixture is bubbling away gently, to the labneh add a pinch of cumin, a large squeeze of lemon juice, a splash of extra virgin olive oil and mix in.

Sheep's milk labneh, adding cumin, olive oil and lemon juice

Spread the labneh on the plate you are going to serve the brunch on.

Sheep's milk labneh spread on a plate

When the cherry tomatoes are ready (they will burst easily if you press them with the back of a spoon) carefully add the two eggs, cover the pan with the lid and allow to cook very gently for 4 minutes.

Eggs and cherry tomatoes


Lift out the tomatoe mixture and eggs onto the labneh, garnish with fresh basil leaves and serve with some crusty sour dough bread.

15 minute Brunch with sheep's milk labneh


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