Salad Dressing and Summer Sauce Ideas


I recently checked the labels of some leading brands  of salad dressings and mayonnaise and  ingredients ranged from 7 to 10 some of which were not easy to pronounce and were there to simply add colour or shelf life.  Everything on the list below is natural and there for delicious taste.

Velvet Cloud yogurt  + Harissa – perfect on barbequed meats, drizzled over spicy stir fries and mixed green salads.

Velvet Cloud yogurt + crushed garlic +  olive oil + squeeze of lemon juice – perfect on coleslaw, or pasta salad

Velvet Cloud yogurt + Dijon and French mustard + a mix of fresh herbs if you have them – the dressing for the best potato salad.

Velvet Cloud yogurt + crushed garlic + an anchovy + Dijon mustard + olive oil + lemon juice + grated  Rockfield or Cloonbook cheese – the most fabulous Caesar salad dressing ever.

Velvet Cloud yogurt + Dill – delicious with any fish-based salads or sandwiches

Velvet Cloud yogurt + a squirt of tomato puree + grated Cloonbook or Rockfield cheese this is the lazy parents go to pasta sauce

 Roast Carrots, Harissa Sheep's Yogurt



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