Wild Garlic and Rockfield Sheep's Cheese Pesto


It’s that time of year where there is loads of wild garlic around. Here is a lovely recipe for wild garlic pesto using our Rockfield sheep’s cheese. This was sent into us by a fabulous customer Hilary, and what I love about it is it is so simple and it works just as well with other greens like: basil, parsley, nettles (adding garlic if using the other other greens).


Wild Garlic Velvet Cloud Pesto 

80 gms Rockfield cheese, grated 

80 gms wild garlic, washed, dried and chopped 

80 gms hazelnuts or walnuts or pine nuts

80 mls Irish rapeseed oil

80 mls ev Olive oil

Pinch sea salt

Process till creamy. Pot and cover with a layer of olive oil. Store in fridge or freeze. 

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Tried this. It was delicious

Suzanne O Keeffe

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