How Our Customers Are Using Velvet Cloud

What we love most is when customers get in touch or give us feedback, or share how they are using Velvet Cloud, this week we’ve some from you our lovely customers, and some mentions in the media, which might inspire.

Baked oats, with sheep's yogurt

Baked oats with sheep’s yogurt and honey. One dish with apricots and one with peaches.  This is from Sabine who we met us at Bloom and describes herself as a German foodie living in Ireland, her account on Instagram is, as well as a fabulous cook her photography is excellent. We’ve featured baked oats before  (you can have a look here ) as a lovely way to get fibre, calcium, phytonutrients and smiles into everyone. But until now I had never thought of using apricots and peaches.

Cous cous salad, velvet cloud sheep's yogurt left over chicken

Roast Veg Couscous Salad, with leftover roast chicken, hummus, greens and some Velvet Cloud Yogurt.  By Sinead Delahunty – Sinead also on Instagram at is a gaelic footballer, food blogger, physiotherapist and private caterer. We keep saying our yogurt is great with salad, and the perfect mayonnaise replacement, Sinead has inspired me to use more couscous in my salads now, I will report back on how it all goes.

One Pico soufflé with Velvet Cloud sheep's yogurt sorbet

Also in the Irish Times Magazine at the weekend Corinna Hardgrave reviewed One Pico in Dublin “I just love a good soufflé, and this is text book perfect, with a quenelle of Velvet Cloud sheep’s yogurt sorbet.”  I remember being invited to One Pico, just after we had set up the business, for a working lunch. This dessert was on the menu, so of course I had to order it, I felt so proud and its fantastic to see its lasted all these years.


In Food File Marie-Claire Digby – writes about West Coming East, where Jess and David Murphy of Kai restaurant in Galway are staging a pop-up at Hen’s Teeth in Dublin 8 on Friday July 1st and Saturday July 2nd , Murphy’s famous lamb shawarma with Buckfast shatta, mint chutney and Velvet Cloud yogurt will also feature.  Jess and Dave were one of the very first chef orders for Velvet Cloud yogurt.


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