Schools Reopening

Reopening The Schools

The junior shepherds are a bit anxious here, and I don’t blame them. All week we’ve been listening to media reports and speculation: Are Schools Re-Opening?  Will schools reopen? How school affects mental health?

These questions they keep hearing on the news, have been causing much of the anxiety ! Not to mention the underlining worry about whether school is safe or not?  It seems like most people in Ireland, (including all shepherds here) are in favour of the schools reopening.  But we also accept that there will be staff shortages, disruptions, teachers out, pupils out and perhaps, intermittent closures.  We must keep on trying to live, we can’t let this pandemic, get in the way of our children’s development.  My heart does hurt a little however, when one shepherd asks me, will Covid ever end and the more matter of fact junior shepherd wants to know exactly: when will Covid end?


Foods To Boost The Immune System

So the philosophy in the Flanagan household is encourage them to eat, foods that will support and boost their immune system, fibre (fruit veg and whole grains), our porridge bread helps here Porridge Bread  Ferments and foods with probiotic live cultures – one junior shepherd will eat our live yogurt with oats in the morning,  but I have to hide it in all sorts of foods to get it into the other one. Smoothies with yogurt, I thicken soups with it, I put it into casseroles, stews and curries, anything I can think of to make his food that little bit healthier.  

All this may not protect them against Covid and the Omicron virus may darken our doors soon, and we may get infected at some stage, but I am going to do my best to protect them, and in the meantime at least I know I am helping them achieve a healthy gut and all the benefits that go with that.


Velvet Cloud Live Yogurt Fruit Muffins

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