The C Word !

I wont actually type the word here, because I know we are not allowed to until Halloween is over. But we’ve had a very busy week, preparing for the C word  festive season! Just to to give you a flavour of what’s involved: We’ve sent product off for photography to Maria our lovely photographer, we’ve also been trying to source the ideal gift boxes and gift bags. We’ve then to cost everything and try and forecast how much we might or might not sell, and then try and work out how much packaging to order. We are also evaluating the best Ap to use on the website, so people can pre order and book in their delivery slots in advance, so our heads are fried 😊

This year we’ve decided we are going to go with hampers, and offer a large and a medium hamper, but it is so hard to guestimate what people will want given the cost-of-living crisis, but we have to take a stab at it, so it is all a bit stressful ☹. The hampers will only be available online and as always you loyal subscribers will be the first to know and given the first call on pre-ordering.  The fact that the sheep’s milk fudge sold out in less than an hour this week, was a bit of a surprise, so I am less confident now than ever in my ability to forecast!

Hope everyone has a lovely start to the week, I’ll keep you posted on festive preparations as they evolve.

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