What does sheep’s milk taste like?

What does sheep’s milk taste like?

Another one of the very common questions we get asked. What does sheep’s milk taste like?  The answer is mild and creamy with a slightly natural sweet taste. We’ve observed that people think that sheep’s milk is going to taste a bit like goats milk or they are afraid that sheep’s milk might taste “sheepy” or taste like the smell of sheep. 100% of the time when we get people to taste our Velvet Cloud sheep’s milk yogurt or our sheep’s milk, they are always pleasantly surprised.

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Sheep's Milk Tastes Creamy Because ..

The reason sheep’s milk tastes creamy and naturally sweet is because it is naturally homogenised, this means that the little fat globules in the sheep’s milk are so small that they float around naturally in the milk giving it that creamy taste. Because the fat molecules in cow’s milk are larger than those in sheep’s milk they don’t float around naturally but separate out of the milk and rise to the top. This is why when I was a child the cream of the milk would rise to the top of the milk bottles, and if you didn’t bring in the milk quickly after the milk man had left it on your door step, the birds would come and peck holes in the tops of the bottles to drink the cream.

The difference between cow's milk and sheep's milk

However now a days commercial cows milk is mechanically homogenised, in other words it is mechanically processed so the fat globules  are broken up and therefore don’t rise to the top of the milk, but with sheep’s milk we don’t have to do any processing because it is already naturally homogenised, giving you that lovely creamy taste “like milk used to taste” is a very common reaction we get when giving out tastings.

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If you are still a bit nervous, have a look at what our customers are saying

"My first time trying sheep's milk and I was suitably impressed with it's richness. Lovely frothed up in espresso". Kevin McCormack

2I love the smooth creamy texture of this yoghurt. It’s far superior than other yoghurts I have tried.It’s rich & full of proteins" - Aine

"I only got to taste the yoghurt myself and it’s amazing, my husband says the milk too. Very happy with my recent purchase can’t wait to by them in Supervalu". - Timea

"Velvet Cloud yogurt is delicious, creamy, tasty and velvety as the name suggests. I would highly recommend it. I was delighted to discover that my local SuperValu stocks it si I can buy it every week. Fabulous product 10/10" Lourda.

"I can't have cow's milk and I'm not enthusiastic about plant- based options (even if I see the eco rationale behind them). So I was delighted to discover I can drink sheep milk. It goes well with everything, from tea to pudding" Dana Monica

"Great tasting milk. Even our son loves it compared to cows milk. Will be purchasing again" - Kieran

"Taste and texture. I love this product on my breakfast cereals, especially porridge. I have been using sheeps milk from Velvet Cloud for over a year and having them delivered deep frozen in packs of 10. When they defrost it is just as fresh as if you bought it directly fresh and lasts just as long.
Most importantly it is good for my health "- Stephen Langton

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