The Best Salad Dressing You Will Ever Taste

It’s the Perfect Week For Salad Dressings

Easy Peasy Caesar Salad Dressing With A Sheep’s Twist

I had never cooked with an anchovy in my life until I saw a recipe last week for Caesar salad dressing using mayonnaise, so given that we always use Velvet Cloud instead of Mayonnaise I decided to replace the Mayonnaise with our yogurt and the parmesan cheese with our Rockfield cheese. I know I am biased but this is a seriously delicious dressing, I’ve made it twice since and have a small jar in the fridge now for whenever I am making a quick salad lunch.  


2 cloves garlic
1 tsp Dijon mustard
4 tbsp Velvet Cloud Yogurt
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp white wine vinegar
Black pepper
4 anchovies
100g grated Rockfield Cheese


Put the whole lot in a blender and zap !  I use it on all sorts of salads, but of course the traditional use is with cos lettuce, with or without some pieces of grilled chicken.

 This upcoming week is definitely one for salads, below are some that have appeared from customers or chefs online.

 Mackrel Salad with a Velvet Cloud sheep's yogurt dressing

Mackerel Salad With Velvet Cloud Dheep's Yogurt Dressing - By Fish & Bean Slig0

Tomatoe salad with sheep's yogurt dressing - Micahels Mount Merrion

San Marzao tomatoes, roast peaches and Velvet Cloud sheep's yogurt dressing by Michales Mount Merrion Dublin

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